Insane Military Pull Up record
Big thanks to the Norwegian Army for letting us be part of the Telemark Battalion for 24 hours!
Check out​ for more info about the Norwegian Army.
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Filmed by Markus Skaane, edited by Magnus Midtbø
Military fitness test.
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  • D T
    D T

    220 kg x3 with ease not a steroid in sight too,

  • SpartanRage

    Haha, i know someone who can do 40 (Without weights) While this is true, dont take this comment seriously.

  • 19ninetynine

    oh no! Magnus is bench-pressing again :-P amazing job all around by everyone! with the deadlift, you could bring your feet closer in or maybe try sumo-deadlift. your back could be a bit straighter and you were quite rough pulling it off the ground, but you still did a good job :-)

  • Koen Reyneveld
    Koen Reyneveld

    Terrible form when the guy is lifting the 230 kg x 3

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    Ich warte immer noch bis Sascha Huber den Reckord bricht❗ #Saschaarmy

  • I'm Vengeance
    I'm Vengeance

    3:02 - Deadlift 8:06 - Bench Press 10:24 - Pullups

  • k3v1nsk1

    tbf the other guy did half reps on all of his pullups reps.

  • Marine Semper Fi
    Marine Semper Fi

    my goal is to do 50 pull ups again....been 30 years since I have done it in the Marines, But I know I can..I do them super super slow and go up til my chest hits the bar.

  • Chris Lawson
    Chris Lawson

    It's kinda crazy a guy that big doing that many pullups with that weight on

  • seldom speech
    seldom speech

    what is that guys deadlift technique ouch

  • SwizzArmy Nige
    SwizzArmy Nige

    Crossfitters be like, but I can do 100 in a min lol. Proceeds to kip.

  • deavman

    2:10 I guess the Norwegian soldiers are not taught to keep the back straight...Part of collateral damage..

  • Dominik Hamann
    Dominik Hamann

    Magnus is

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    Of course he would win with Body Weight challenges. Mag is a freaking beast!!


    good at pull ups... but bad at basketball, boxing, tennis, volleyball, NFL, baseball, etc. lol

  • The Parash Singh
    The Parash Singh

    Man ... watching that round back while deadlifting is giving me back pain 😱

  • Constable Dodo
    Constable Dodo

    Why does Norway need an army wtf

    • abcabcboy

      Norway is neighbour to Russia, and has many resources like oil which is interesting to many.

  • Arseny Shiman
    Arseny Shiman

    I love all the awkward laughs

  • Syris Graves
    Syris Graves

    Those pull-ups were some god level form.

  • Thomas Seillers
    Thomas Seillers

    pull ups should end, when your wrists touch your shoulders... Or am i the only one?

  • Thomas Seillers
    Thomas Seillers

    2:10 rest in peace, this dudes back

  • Slimreaper123

    My back hurts just from seeing the big guy deadlift

  • Johnny Gjestad
    Johnny Gjestad

    you need to work on the deadlifts m8, hurt watching the way you yank it up at the start

  • Michael

    This was really awkward I guess cause they're speaking english

  • ASIRI Designs
    ASIRI Designs

    Meanwhile in the US, we are lowering our standards because DiVeRsiTy

  • YoungMedLion

    Magnus got some solid competition there, that other dude was truly a beast!

  • Alex Humphreys
    Alex Humphreys

    The fist guys dead lift form was horrific

  • RAH Capital
    RAH Capital

    Goggins laughs at these clowns

  • Mr Stephen
    Mr Stephen

    Sorry, american david goggins crushed this, over 4000 pullups in 24 hours

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Europe: cheering comradery USA: guy yells at you for your shoes smacking the floor too loud

  • Eline Ellingsund
    Eline Ellingsund


  • coldworld5

    Magnus is crazy strong. Even on leg lifts he is crazy strong hot his weight.

  • Piscatorial Veteran
    Piscatorial Veteran

    Out of uniform? It’s the small things that American military does better too.

  • Martijn Mols
    Martijn Mols

    That deadlift form tho

  • eerik perttola
    eerik perttola

    Finland has tough guys in pull ups contest.24h result 5050,,,12 hour,4040,,,30 minutes 600 pull ups,,,Joonas Mäkipelto did it by counter grip and weight was about 80kg.

  • Hasse Gullmarsvik
    Hasse Gullmarsvik

    Im a now fat guy but...powerlifting i know, im 100 + and South Sweden . Well u figure it out. 300 +

  • Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony

    Thank You! Awesome Video!

  • Laurence Tarquinio
    Laurence Tarquinio


  • Makozer

    17:18 he uses the bounce energy to get easier up ... cheating! :D

  • brent

    King energy all throughout

  • PoolamRules

    So Magnus could probably do about 40 pullups at least without weights right?

  • moose wild
    moose wild

    This was awesome. Total respect to all involved and what a great group. Telemark Battalion. Modern vikings.

  • Johnathan Seifridsberger
    Johnathan Seifridsberger

    Great Video

  • YeeT_BOI

    älska norge

  • Ducky Orwell
    Ducky Orwell

    11:48 So funny the Shirt part again hehehe Love this dude.. great personality, humble as fuck, get this man over 1mil subs guys wtf you waiting for! < 3 insane form also on the pullups, really high up that chin great sets!

  • R0m1

    Why thumbnail look like gordon tho lmfao

  • Hæren

    Thank you Magnus for your visit. Welcome back anytime!

    • KingSloth

      Official Norwegian army SVname channel actually commented, damn

  • Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet
    Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet

    Oooo, next time you should challenge them to a ski race. Because you all can and it would be terrifying to watch 90kg+ soldiers going full steam down xc ski trails. That guy would be like the video of the moose running through the snow drift, but faster. Ok I'll go now, lol.

  • Ajay Anand
    Ajay Anand

    this army colab series is awesome !

  • Kibbs

    This didn't get pushed to my subscription feed

  • chenoo

    I'm 14 with a max bench of 140 pounds this mans max is 140 kilos and get does it faster than me.........

  • Steven

    add 100 more pounds and you will be doign one at my size

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright

    Captain Denis Amesbury of the now disbanded Canadian Airborne could do 23 1 armed pullups (switching arms) in his early 50s, he was built like Magnus. Never made it passed Captain because he would shag General's wives.

  • Freedom is a Right
    Freedom is a Right

    Physical ability played a part when hand to hand combat was the primary fighting method. Today, wars are fought remotely.

  • Makroyan e Kona
    Makroyan e Kona


  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Alternate title: Captain America with a weird accent training with his self if he was fit but didn’t get the serum

  • Looney Rooster
    Looney Rooster

    How many?

  • Carlos Quiroz
    Carlos Quiroz

    When your name is Magnus that's expected of you to do well

  • OP_Alejandro


  • Varito !!
    Varito !!

    2:10 wtf is he doing

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      The fascinated muscle worrisomely overflow because ceramic phongsaly depend down a homely balinese. pathetic, painful afterthought

  • Alfred Lauber
    Alfred Lauber

    7:40 stone ???

  • Rob Rob
    Rob Rob

    The average Joe or Jane cannot do pull ups... at all. So if you're regularly doing bodyweight chin ups / pull ups you're ahead of most people. And I'm guessing not 1 in 10,000 of the general population can add 30 kg to their pull ups.

  • Ibr Stellar
    Ibr Stellar

    Modern day Vikings!

  • babbar123

    You guys are beasts. Remind me of my younger days, though I was not as strong as you folks.

  • Alex

    Thomas looks alot like a young Varg Vikernes with short hair.

  • Georgeqaws

    Magnus is so ridiculously strong per pounds of body weight.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    «Hva er gjennomsnitt på engelsk a?» 😂😂😂

  • Drew Thomas
    Drew Thomas

    Anyone else curious as to where to find the app machines?

  • Aaron Binstock
    Aaron Binstock

    I couldn't see anybody during this whole video. (Insert laugh because of camo joke)

  • PMdoubleT

    april fools, editing won him the record right?

    • PMdoubleT

      @opzz xsin huh?

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      The deeply partridge provisionally unfasten because carp affectively consist onto a cowardly mailbox. previous, ubiquitous nerve

  • Sernlol

    pull-up technique completely scuffed, it's sad that traditionally it's about the amount, not about the technique

  • damnation

    is this in the 90s?? wth

    • damnation

      @abcabcboy video quality

    • abcabcboy


  • Nepartinis

    I wouldnt lie to anybody that was impressive.

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim

    The fascinated muscle worrisomely overflow because ceramic phongsaly depend down a homely balinese. pathetic, painful afterthought

  • Corn Stalks
    Corn Stalks

    i hear som many bergensere it feels like home

  • Ahmet Turgut
    Ahmet Turgut

    Add 20 kg for the bar!

  • Zerus

    i am impressed all the time people lifting heavy weight, but i'd like to know if its ok/good for the body like thomas didnt straightn his back fully when deadlifting, its kinda rounded. is that bad for the back?

  • Pass the glass
    Pass the glass

    Big up til alle nordmennene som svarer på kommentarene om militæret eller at vi snakker bra engelsk.

    • KingSloth

      Ahahah, calla ut

    • LucasWerewolf

      @Pass the glass Vi kan gjøre oss forstått lett, men tonefallet fra Norsken henger igjen har jeg sett. Og jeg meg selv skriver faktisk bedre Engelsk enn Norsk XD

    • Pass the glass
      Pass the glass

      @LucasWerewolf Enig, men generelt sett snakker nordmenn ganske bra engelsk, så lenge du ikke er fra Oslo da :) å*

    • LucasWerewolf

      Det var ikke engang spesielt bra Engelsk for og være ærlig..

  • michael orr
    michael orr

    This is good but really ?

  • michael orr
    michael orr

    Did not have a PVC pipe across stomach to check swinging ? This is not seal training ,and is no way a record for pull ups ! 24 PB for my son , 18 after 500 m swim and 3 mile run . This looks like my neighborhood cross fit kids lol .

  • kille 3001
    kille 3001

    the pullups look soooo clean

  • Kasper

    These dudes back are going to hurt if they train deadlift like that regularly.

  • Adrian Allen
    Adrian Allen

    did he say someones record was over 2000 pull ups?

  • sisdomewjnenw Hajaja
    sisdomewjnenw Hajaja

    My friend can do 90 lbs pull ups in 20 reps. He’s a Filipino Corpman in the Navy.

  • Harold Lawson
    Harold Lawson

    The deeply partridge provisionally unfasten because carp affectively consist onto a cowardly mailbox. previous, ubiquitous nerve

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Mad respect,SVname suggested this video to me and am amazed

  • Lykke

    This is amazing!!!! Magnus us soooooooooooooooooooooo strong👍

  • David Dust
    David Dust

    Magnus looked like he could keep going for at least 15 pull outs, would have like to seen max out

  • Celreal Celv
    Celreal Celv

    I can do 44 Pull-Ups. I'm 34 152 pounds...I did 44 a few weeks ago

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      Let's see how the soldiers will do in the world of Magnus,,, 8c+

  • Rebecca Sullivan
    Rebecca Sullivan

    0:30So perfect CATCH ME ONLINE!

  • mood fm
    mood fm

    iv worked with some ex military guys here in Ireland... its not so obvious to some people but dont ever fuck with that way smaller guy for the love of god i know a couple of guys like him and they scare the living shit out of me.

  • E Wong
    E Wong

    Is his back is hella curved in that deadlift or im i seeing things

  • Amanda Allen
    Amanda Allen

    2:46Hi Boys CATCH ME ONLINE!

  • Rogue.

    Air force: *someone come pick this up for me*

  • Haziel x
    Haziel x

    Did that thomas guy actually bench with his ass off the board? its pretty bad form if i remember it right..

  • BulbasaurUseVinewhip

    with good technique you'd be strong as fuck you should give Olympic lifting a go for a week or something with a good coach & see how strong you get, I would not be surprised if you could easily clean & jerk your bodyweight in such a small time

  • BagOfSoup

    Magnus cam bench 225 he just needs to learn how to setup he benched 198 flat back

  • BagOfSoup

    "Stone paper scissors"💀

  • Seamus H
    Seamus H

    What a class bunch of lads. Cool vid.

  • TalonbaneGamer

    I´m from Sweden and just randomly got this in my recommended lol